Retail Industry Awards Winner 2013

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I’ve lived in Toddington village with my husband and two sons for over 30 years.  We pop into our Nisa Local virtually every day, so I can see just how popular it is and how frequently it’s used by both people in the village and passers-by.  My husband is quite badly disabled now and the staff in the shop are so kind and helpful.  This is a great strength.  The store is an asset to the village.
Ann Smart, Toddington

I’m a busy mum of three and I find the Nisa Local an essential part of my daily life.  It’s convenient, always kept to the highest standards of cleanliness and the staff are always happy to help.  I’m also a parish clerk, so the fact that the store is so supportive of local events and groups in the village is great.  It’s an asset to a very community-minded village. 
Nicola Evans, Toddington

I’ve lived in Houghton Regis for over 20 years and I use my Nisa Local on a daily basis.  It’s not just a shop – it’s the fabric of the community.  Kishor, Pat and their staff go a long way to helping and supporting the people – they know me by name and we have a laugh and a banter every time I go in.  They have a great range of products in the store.  And when I was recently housebound the staff were great and brought my shopping to my house and stopped for a chat.  That’s the difference, it’s something that the big stores wouldn’t do.  I’ll continue to use my Nisa Local as long as I live in Houghton.
June Gallager, Houghton Regis

The Living Room is a charity based in Stevenage that provides free therapy for those with addictions and support for their families.  We’ve been operating from our current site at The Glebe parade of shops in Stevenage for over 10 years.  We have always benefited from having a good local infrastructure of supportive shops and our Nisa Local is no exception, providing an invaluable service by a friendly and helpful team of people.  As the founder and CEO of The Living Room I was absolutely delighted that Nisa nominated The Living Room for a grant towards the cost of a trip for children attending our on-site crèche and their parents in recovery.
Janis Feely MBE, Stevenage

“Kishor and Pat adopt the same approach to the relationship with their bankers as they do in all parts of their business. They work to very high standards in dealing with suppliers and will put the right effort into maintaining strong relationships. It is rare to find clients who are as close to their numbers and work on their business in such an intelligent and professional manner.”
Steve Leverton
Cornmill Associates
Specialists in business finance

“For independent retailers, like Kishor and Pat, to survive and succeed, these businesses need to differentiate themselves in some way from the competition. This is not easy to achieve but those who are currently successful appear to have a common DNA in that they set themselves out to deliver outstanding customer service by making their service not only efficient but personal.”
Mike Wright
RBS regional corporate director, NatWest Bank

“I have witnessed the hard work, true grit and determination that Kishor and Pat have put into building up the business to what it is today and I’m very proud and privileged to have been associated with them throughout this period. They have invested in their own people and also made a point of imparting their knowledge to new entrants to the retail industry. Kishor and Pat are one of those challenging clients who continuously keep you on your toes with new ideas and projects and are a real pleasure to work with as I too love a challenge!”
Raj Patel
Managing director, Ashley King
Chartered accounts and chartered taxation advisors

“We know that convenience retailers are extremely busy and their independence means that they don’t get many opportunities to socialise with other retailers and bounce ideas off each other. By sourcing and profiling retailers who are ahead of the game, like Kishor and Pat, Convenience Store magazine aims to inspire its readers.”
Sara Britton
Features Editor, Convenience Store, William Reed Business Media

“I’m passionate about the independent retail sector and believe that independents, like Kishor and Pat, can continue to grow and thrive as long as they continue to adapt and change in line with customer needs.”
Mike Greene
CEO, him!
Research and consulting

“Successful independent retailers, like Kishor and Pat, are specialists who apply best practice and bring unique knowhow to their customer offer and service. Profitable growth is achieved where retailers and manufacturers work collaboratively to understand and meet shopper needs.”
Scott Annan
Director, SRCG
FMCG consulting company

“Houghton Trading is a shining example of a business that takes a pro-active role in the community and sets the highest standards in convenience retailing. Kishor and his team know that they have to earn every customer through clean, bright, modern stores, keen prices and promotions and friendly service. Retailers who follow this example have much to look forward to if they are given a chance by legislators.”
James Lowman
CEO, Association of Convenience Stores